Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Minimal Home Inspiration ♡

Hey lovelies
Hope you're all doing well.

If you've been on my blog for a while, then you'll know how much I love home decorations and how I often have a really big urge to change everything. My room is currently exploding with pastel colours, prints, material everywhere, inspiration pictures and an explosion of little nick nacks and clothes. 

Although I do love the way my room is and I like to project my creative personality onto my room, I've been getting more into the minimal style and I'm thinking that I need a change. It's not anything like "oh I'm 21 now so I have to be an adult" because I'm probably still going to have it covered in glitter and pastels when I'm 31. I'm just liking the minimal black and white look recently and I thought I'd show you some home inspiration pictures. 


The main features that I love about these pictures are the colours (minimal, black white and green), the use of space such as the hanging clothes rails, fairy lights to brighten up the room adding more characteristics and finally the finishing touches such as plants and framed pictures. 

All of the sources of these photos and more can be found on my pinterest page. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps if you were looking for inspiration in this theme.
I've also created an online facebook page to add to my portfolio and an easier way to reach people that might not be able to follow with a blogging platform, which you can find here.

I hope you have a lovely christmas!
love xo

Monday, 15 December 2014

Mini Haul ♡

Hey lovelies!
Hope you're all well.

Todays post is going to be a mini haul, I went shopping last week and picked up a few things that I'm in love with! 

The first two things that I got (which are probably the best things I've ever purchased) are these black heeled boots. The first pair which are at the front, I've wanted since last year. We got them in and before I could think about getting them they sold out in my size! Luckily we got them back in and I grabbed the last pair. I've worn these to work for a few shifts and they're really comfortable! One of them was hurting at the front but it's just a part of wearing them in, now they're fine. £29.99 H&M

The next pair I love so much! I haven't worn them out yet because they're a bigger heel than the other pair and I've literally only been working so I didn't want to risk it. I have had a cheeky few laps around the flat to test them in and they feel amazing. I'm saving these ones for when I'm dressing up or when I won't be on my feet all day, just incase. £29.99 H&M

I decided to also try H&M's new range of make up products. I've got quite a few things from the make up range in the past, my favourites being the mascara, matte lipsticks and the eyebrow products. I was looking for a new slanted brush for filling in my eyebrows and I found the 'Smokey eye brush' which is slanted at one end and an eyeshadow brush at the other. I've used both ends of this brush and they're one of the best brushes I've tried. I also thought I'd try the lip brush because I've been having trouble recently with applying lipstick due to my medusa piercing, now I can apply it properly and not end up with lipstick all over my face! Both £2.99

I also got a new blusher from H&M, initially I thought it would be too bright for me because it was a blend of bright pink, orange and cream. However, when I put it on it was the perfect shade....until I dropped it on the floor and smashed the whole thing. I would recommend this product though because it's really pigmented so you don't need a lot. It also comes with a mirror and handy on-the-go brush. £2.99

The last thing I got from H&M was a new mascara. If i'm being totally honest, the part of this product that made me buy it was the snazzy packaging. It reminds me of sweets for some reason! I really like this mascara, it's cheap and it does what it says on the box. The only problem I had at first was the brush being bigger than what I am used to, but I've learnt to adapt and not end up with it all over my eyes. £1.99

Next up are two products from Lush. I went in to get Snow Fairy because this is the first year I've managed to get it! I did try last year but it's so popular that I left it too late. I got the medium sized bottle and I have used it in every shower I've had since. One thing I have noticed is that it only takes a tiny amount each time because it's super thick and the scent is really strong, even the woman in the shop said it will last me until next christmas and I thought she was joking! I'd highly recommend this product, it's long lasting, cheap for the quality and smells like pear drops. £7.50 Lush

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the haul!
Have an awesome day


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

YouTube ♡

Hey guys! ♡

Just a quick post today because I've not been feeling well at all this week, however I do want to keep up with my blogging. This is just a short and sweet post to let you guys know I'm back doing YouTube videos and I'm going to stick at it this time, like the blogging.

I have 3 videos ready to edit and upload and there's a few on there for you to check out.

Also I'll be holding a giveaway soon to celebrate my blog hitting over 11k hits! 

So if you want to check out my channel you can do at www.youtube.com/user/pixiemayy  (sighhh it wont let me change my name!)

I hope you have an awesome day!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Favourite things for rainy days ♡

Hey guys! ♡

Todays blog post is all about a few of my favourite things to do on cold, rainy days. The weather and lack of light has been really taking its toll on me recently, I'm not feeling any motivation to do anything at all and the symptoms for S.A.D is basically a biography of my life at the moment. (Not meaning any offence to people that have been diagnosed with it, I genuinly think I have it and will be going to the doctors about it soon.)

I've decided to write a post about my favourite things for when feeling like this or if you just want a cosy night in.

1. Hot chocolate or tea and a film. This is my favourite thing to do when it's raining outside, whether your watching with friends or just by yourself, it's nice to wind down and completely forget about the weather outside. Especially a few guilty pleasures such as Sex And The City.

2. Light a few candles and read a book. I think sometimes to get rid of feeling bad is to curl up with a good book and escape it for a little while.

3.  Netflix series'. I love watching tv shows on netflix because you can just sit back, relax and let them play through. My favourite series on netflix are Orange is the new black, American Horror Story, Gavin and Stacey, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Gossip Girl and Sherlock. 

Thanks for reading!
Have an awesome day

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Making Your University Room Feel Like Home ♡

Hey guys!

If you're subscribed to my youtube channel then you may have recently seen my updated room tour, or my older one here. I also have a sneak peek room post on my blog too which you can find here.

I've recently moved out of student halls and into a house with 3 of my friends for my second year of university. I've been pretty much moved in since July now and I can definitely say it feels like home, I'm not sure if that's because I literally hoard all my things or I'm just quick at moving in....

Everytime someone has seen my room the response is always along the lines of "oh wow it looks so homely in here" or "wow you've got a lot of stuff".. either way, if it makes it feel like home then it's acceptable.. I think?

Anyway, here's just a little post on how you can get your room feeling like home if you're struggling a bit or missing home at uni. 

1. Home comforts - Now this one is kind of obvious really and I'm sure a lot of you reading this will have already done it. I found that when I moved in, it's great to buy all new things and have everything matching from your bedsheets to your socks. However, what I found helped me the most is bringing little sentimental things in, it could be a cushion you had at home, decorations you had up in your old room, photos of friends and family.. even a teddy that you've had since you were young (no one will judge you for it, trust me. If it makes you feel better, that's what matters right?)

2. Creating a space that you can feel relaxed in - This one is my favourite, I have a little bit of OCD with changing things round every couple of months, even if it's the smallest thing it can help me feel better. If you're in student halls then there probably is a few simple guidelines you have to stick to, but as long as you're not causing permanent damage, a little change never hurt anyone. I was fortunate enough in my halls to have my desk and bed not attatched to the wall which meant I was free to move things around. I know some halls aren't like this so there are other things you can do such as decorating with throws, cushions, posters, (if allowed), rugs etc. It will make it feel a lot more like your room and not like someone elses that you're just staying in, after all you will probably be there for most of the year.


3. Creating a space that you can work in - I'm a sucker for having organised work spaces and being inspired by the things around me. This is the workspace that I've currently got which I'm writing this blog post in;

If you create a space that helps you feel inspired when you work, you'll probably want to do it more. 

4. Create an ambience in your room - It's crazy how much fairy lights and candles can create a better atmosphere and lift your room. It's rare to see a students room without fairy lights! It gives a sense of calm and cosiness which is one of the little things that could help lift your mood. Which brings me onto my last point.

5. Appreciate the little things - This isn't so much about your room but uni life in general. It's good with the freedom of living on your own, the partying and meeting new people but sometimes it can get a bit much. The little things like sitting with your flatmates and just chatting for hours, making a brew for everyone or cooking a flat meal can make it feel so much more like home. It's the little things like that which you might realise you miss, even though you never thought of it as much. Your friends and flatmates can become like your second family and it's the small things that can lift you up when you're feeling the pressure.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!
Have an awesome day

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A/W Wardrobe Ideas ♡

Hey guys! ♡

Today I got sucked back into the world of polyvore. If you've seen my earlier posts, you'll see my back to uni inspired polyvore boards. I've decided to make a few for A/W 14 inspiration. I've based this on things I would wear personally, but the website has literally every item of clothing you can think of on there so I'm sure you could find something for your personal style.

I love playing with polyvore because it's really easy to use, it's easy to find clipped items and even to add your own. I feel a bit like in Clueless where she's looking through outfits on the computer...
As if I would have time to do this in the morning!

It's good to plan outfits if you were going to a meeting, on holiday or even if you wanted to change your wardrobe with the new season.

Here are a few boards that I've made just playing around with it;

All the items shown are on my polyvore profile and you can see all the details and similar items. 

I would definitely reccomend using polyvore incase you're stuck for inspiration. I feel really inspired just by doing this and I think I've already got my next few days outfits planned! Makes a change from using whatever I have clean. Gross I know but I'm a student in a 4 people shared house and we have one washing machine, spare me.

Hope you have an amazing day as usual!
Thanks for reading ♡

Monday, 10 November 2014

DIY Gift Ideas - Crystal Choker/Necklace ♡

Hey guys! ♡ 

Hope you're all well. Today marks the first day of me stressing about Christmas approaching! I walked into work today and what do I hear...the Christmas playlist!! I had to check the date as I actually thought I was going mad. I hadn't realised how fast it crept up until I was walking down the high street and saw all the christmas jumpers, window displays, street light decorations etc.

I'm the type of person that plans Christmas early, I like to get presents that have a lot of thought gone into them. This is the first part of a DIY christmas series that I'll be doing on my blog. As you may have noticed, I've been trying to daily blog recently and I'm hoping to keep it up.

The first DIY gift idea that I'm sending your way is a Crystal Choker/Necklace. Now I know this may not be for everyone, but they make cute little gifts for a stocking filler, secret santa, if you've got a large group of friends to buy for etc. Choker's have been all the rage recently in fashion, especially the tattoo chokers which I'm a culprit of owning one myself. 

The pink choker shown is the one that I made myself. I will list the materials I used to make this and a few other alternatives too as there is a variety of colours and shapes you can choose.

This one is slightly different because I accidentially bent the top of it and had to thread the cord through the back, making it attatch directly onto the cord instead of through the loop at the top. 

Here are a few different shops on ebay which provide all the materials you will need to create this cute little gift idea;

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 

These are just the first ones that I found which I liked the most. I first typed in 'crystal pendant charm' which just came up with swarovski style crystal charms. Then I found that if you search for a crystals name such as 'amethyst charm' it comes up with these options. You can do this for any different type of crystal/stone that you like and it will come up with a variety of options. 

Cord/Necklace Chain
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ,

Alternatively, you could also attatch them to a tattoo choker
1 , 2 

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this DIY post! I hope it gives you a few ideas of small presents for people that have a lot of love and care put into them.
Have an awesome day